2017 has been a busy year.  These are 10 pictures that I chose to present.  From top left to right,

  1.  Emma getting a battery powered car.  Love the pure joy.
  2. Bananas in the cereal aisle?  She thought it was hilarious!
  3. "Skating" on the City Square pond.  Love the light and I'm a big sibling picture fan.
  4. Chalk in the driveway.  Capturing the beautiful and simple family moments.
  5. Tulips!!  Just loved them this year.
  6. I'm done on this bike. So simple and so real.
  7. Checking out the miniature houses at the arboretum.  Kids had so much fun and I had so much fun taking pictures.  A win-win.
  8. At a local park. I take this picture every year at the same spot and love it every year.
  9. Leaves on a walk. A part of our every day in the fall. I love fall!
  10. My Emma Gemma (nickname)  Love this picture!


Our beautiful fall!

It was such a beautiful fall in Minnesota.  October was amazing and November ranged from the mid 70's all the way down to a freezing temperature with snow!   Here are some photographs that capture those amazing months!


What a fun session!  4 year old Nolan and his brother Bennett (almost 2) at the beautiful gardens in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.